2022 Options Income

This is a running tally of all the options contracts trades for the full year of 2022 – updated weekly.

DatePortfolioTickerCompanyContractPriceEnd ResultFinal Amount Earned
1/18/2022RothULUnilever8/19/2022 50.00 C-$171.00Sold on 1/24/2022 for $429.35$258.70
2/16/2022BridgeMOAltria03/04/2022 52.00 C$27.00Shares Assigned$26.35
3/11/2022RothNIONIO3/11/2022 28.00 C$106.00Bought Back on 3/3/2022 for $4.00$101.35
3/18/2022SDIRAORealty Income03/18/2022 70.00 C$110.00Expired Worthless$109.35
3/22/2022RothNIONIO03/25/2022 24.00 C$32.00Expired Worthless$31.35
3/25/2022BridgeMOAltria03/25/2022 50.00 P$126.00Expired Worthless$125.35
3/29/2022RothNIONIO04/01/2022 23.00 C$25.00Expired Worthless$24.35
4/6/2022SDIRAORealty Income04/14/2022 72.50 C$25.00 Shares Assigned$24.35
4/7/2022BridgeINTCIntel04/08/2022 47.00 P$22.00Expired Worthless$21.35
4/11/2022BridgeINTCIntel04/14/2022 47.00 P$60.00 Shares Assigned$59.35
4/19/2022BridgeINTCIntel04/22/2022 $47.00 C$53.00Expired Worthless$52.35
4/20/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks04/22/2022 $80.00 P$62.00 Shares Assigned$61.35
$82.00 C
$50.00Expired Worthless$49.35
5/16/2022BridgePEPPepsiCo05/22/2022 180.00 C$40.00Expired Worthless$39.35
5/31/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks6/03/2022 81.00 C$26.00Expired Worthless$25.35
6/6/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks06/10/2022 81.00 C$110.00Expired Worthless$109.35
6/15/2022ROTHNIONIO06/17/2022 20.00 C$25.00Shares Assigned$24.35
6/30/2022ROTHNIONIO 07/01/2022 20.00 P$15.00Expired Worthless$14.35
7/6/2022ROTHNIONIO07/08/2022 20.00 P$39.00Expired Worthless$38.35
7/8/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks07/08/2022 80.00 C$13.00Expired Worthless$12.35
7/11/2022ROTHNIONIO07/15/2022 20.00 P$51.00Expired Worthless$50.35
7/12/2022BRIDGEPEPPepsiCo07/15/2022 177.50 C$14.00Expired Worthless$13.35
7/13/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks07/15/2022 80.00 C$20.00Expired Worthless$19.35
7/18/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks07/22/2022 82.00 C$65.00 Shares Assigned$64.35
7/19/2022ROTHNIONIO07/22/2022 19.50 P$40.00 Shares Assigned$39.35
7/25/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks07/29/2022 82.00 P$115.00Expired Worthless$114.35
7/26/2022BridgePEPPepsiCo07/29/2022 175.00 C$18.00Expired Worthless$17.35
7/27/2022BridgeINTCIntel07/29/2022 42.00 C$44.00Expired Worthless$43.35
8/1/2022BridgePEPPepsiCo08/05/2022 180.00 C$33.00Expired Worthless$32.35
8/2/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks08/05/2022 82.00 P$154.00Expired Worthless$153.35
8/3/2022SDIRAOHIOmega Healthcare Investors08/19/2022 33.00 C$33.00Shares Assigned$32.35
8/3/2022ROTHNIONIO08/05/2022 21.00 C$20.00Expired Worthless$19.35
8/11/2022ROTHNIONIO08/12/2022 22.50 C$18.00Expired Worthless$17.35
8/11/2022BridgePEPPepsiCo08/12/2022 180.00 C$10.00Expired Worthless$9.35
8/15/2022BridgePEPPepsiCo08/19/2022 182.50 C$25.00Expired Worthless$24.35
8/19/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks08/19/2022 86.00 P$10.00Expired Worthless$9.35
8/22/2022SDIRAJPMJPMorgan Chase08/26/2022 115.00 P$125.00 Shares Assigned$124.35
8/29/2022ROTHNIONIO09/02/2022 21.50 C$42.00Expired Worthless$41.35
9/8/2022SDIRAJPMJPMorgan Chase09/16/2022 120.00 C$110.00Bought back on 9/13 for $54$54.70
9/12/2022ROTHNIONIO09/16/2022 22.50 C$25.00Expired Worthless$24.35
172.50 C
$73.00Bought Back on 10/14 for $53$18.70
10/18/2022SDIRAJPMJPMorgan Chase10/21/2022 122.00 C$55.00Shares Assigned$54.35
10/21/2022ROTHNIONIO12/02/2022 14.50 C-$31.00Sold on 11/7/22 for $45.00$12.70
10/24/2022BridgePEPPepsiCo10/28/2022 182.50 C$21.00Bought Back on 10/28 for $14$5.70
10/24/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks10/28/2022 82.00 P$133.00Expired Worthless$132.35
10/24/2022BridgePEPPepsiCo11/04/2022 187.50 C$40.00Expired Worthless$39.35
11/2/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks11/04/2022 84.00 P$115.00Expired Worthless$114.35
11/14/2022BridgeCSCOCisco Systems11/18/2022 47.00 C$51.00Shares Assigned$50.35


11/24/2022 – As the market keeps moving up, I’ve been unable to get back into JPM via weekly cash secured puts. To be honest, I would have been up almost $2,000 had I just held the JPM shares. Going forward, I think my new strategy will be to sell calls that are 8% to 10% out of the money and be satisfied with less in premiums.

10/28/2022 – Starbucks was an easy bounce off of $82 support, but I kind of wish this has closed in the money. I may try again next week, or sell a CSP on 200 shares of Realty Income (O). PepsiCo continued to rise and broke resistance to set a new all time high at almost $183. I got nervous, and decided to just buy the call back for a gain of $5.70, and I may be done selling calls on PepsiCo for a while!

9/18/2022 – The JPM call was risky because of the CPI print on Tuesday, and at one point this was almost $2 in the money. Inflation was much hotter than expected and the market fell, dragging this option down with it. I felt pressured to close the trade, which I did and it ultimately would have expired worthless. Also play the NIO resistance line and sold a $22.50 call that expired worthless as well.

9/4/2022 – It was a bit of a rough week in the markets and the only option contract we sold was a NIO $21.50 call, and then shares of NIO would fall into the $1’s. Looking for a nice up day to sell a JPM call around $119 to $120.

8/21/2022 – On Monday we sold a $125 JPMorgan Chase put and it was looking like it would expire worthless, up around $119 on Friday morning, but then Jerome Powell tanked the market, JPM fell to just below $115 at the close and we were assigned the shares. I will likely wait for an up day next week to sell a covered call, hopefully in the $117 to $118 range.

8/21/2022 – The monthly Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) call expired and the shares were assigned. With a share price of $33.34, we almost broke even to the penny and I exit a position I’m worried about overall with a total return (dividends + option premium) of about break even. The PepsiCo call as just after hitting new ATH’s and I sold the Starbucks put about 5 hours before market close of Friday for a quick $9.35 profit. If the market falls, I should be able to sell puts for higher premiums.

8/12/2022 – The market has really been running up this week and I’m unable to sell decent Starbucks CSPs, so instead I sold NIO and PepsiCo calls the day before expiration. Hoping for a pullback next week and that this is just a short covering rally.

8/7/2022 – PepsiCo, Starbucks and NIO options all expired worthless. The Omega Healthcare covered call is still out there and I may look to buy it back and sell a more aggressive option closer to the expiration date.

7/29/2022 – Had a VERY close call with the PepsiCo call. With about 30 seconds left in the trading day it was just over $175, finally dropping to $174.96 at the last second and stayed below $175 in after hours trading. Both of the Intel and Starbucks options contracts expired worthless – although I’d like to be back in Starbucks, so I’ll be aggressively selling a cash secured put to hopefully have the shares assigned once again before the ex-dividend on August 11th.

7/24/2022 – Starbucks stock rallied into the low $84’s before finally closing $83.59 – above my $82 strike. Resistance was broken, but I think it’s running out of steam and will trend down this week.

NIO closed just below the $19.50 strike, which is fine because the shares had been called away at $20, so I get them back at a $0.50 discount + $1.42 of PUT option premium. This effectively gives me a new cost basis of $18.08 on the shares just acquired. I’ll look to sell a weekly Covered Call on a NIO green day and hopefully for at least $21 or $22.

7/16/2022 – All 3 options expired worthless this week, although on Friday the SBUX and NIO options were both in the money at one point before reversing to being out of the money. Finally sold a PepsiCo call option to get my feet wet again, but, I really don’t want the shares to be called away, so I’m going to be far less aggressive with that one.

7/11/2022 – The market opened down to start the week, with NIO down almost 9%. I see good support around $20, so we sold another put expiring on Friday 7/18. NIO has been a bit rangebound between $20 – $24 the past two weeks. If assigned, I’ll start selling covered calls once again.

7/10/2022 – The NIO 7/8 put expired worthless. We sold a SBUX covered call on Friday morning, which was the same day it expired. The share price was around $79.00 and I felt confident it wouldn’t break $80, which it did not and expired worthless.


7/3/2022 – Sold a NIO put the day before expiration, actually hoping to have the shares assigned, but it didn’t get close to the $20 strike. If there’s further price breakdown, I’d love to sell a put below $20 and have the shares assigned once again. We shall see what the holiday shortened week brings.

6/20/2022 – Having looked at the chart and seeing NIO resistance around $20, I went against the trend and it broke through resistance, closing just over the $25 strike and the shares were called away, leaving me with $1,999.95 of cash which I’ll now use to sell cash secured puts on NIO.

6/12/2022 -At the start of the week the market & Starbucks were rallying, and I saw resistance in the $81 to $82 area on the daily chart, so we sold an $81 call option with the expectation it would fill. A 40 year high inflation print sank the market and SBUX along with it. We shall try again next week for the $81 range.

6/5/2022 – The Starbucks covered call expired worthless. Their share price has been trending upwards, so there’s a possibility that if I sell a call closer to in the money, I’ll exit the position this week.

5/31/2022 – The market opened up lower after the Memorial day holiday, except for Starbucks, which was up 2.33% on the day, so I took advantage to sell a covered call that’s pretty equivalent to the next Realty Income (O) dividend of $24.70 on 100 shares. I’m ok with Starbucks being called away so I can start selling CSP’s on O.

5/22/2022 – PepsiCo felt the sting of the retail pullback and significantly declined to the low $160’s, found support near the 50 week moving average and the covered call expired worthless. I’ll look to sell another weekly in the mid $170’s on either Monday or Tuesday if there’s a healthy bounce up.

5/16/2022 – My first covered call on PepsiCo, and I’m being “kind of” conservative here. The All Time High (ATH) is $176.30, so I’m betting that we won’t see that broken and push through $180 by Friday (5/20). $40 isn’t world beating, but my plan is to shoot for $20 to $50 a week in option income from PepsiCo.

5/9/22 – The stock market continues to slide, which is fantastic for long minded investors buying solid businesses and especially dividend investors. The only downside in a falling market is selling covered calls as the premiums dry up. This is why I love solid dividend stocks – I’ll be paid to wait until the market finds a floor and starts to come up once again.

4/24/22 – The market was hit hard on Friday April 22nd, so I was able to hang onto the Intel shares, but was assigned the Starbucks shares at $77.92. I now intend to sell covered calls on those Intel & Starbucks shares when we see a green day.

4/20/22 – The closest Realty Income put I could write to get my cash back is about 30 days away. So, I wrote a PUT option for a company I’d be ok getting “stuck” with at $80 – Starbucks (SBUX). We’ll see Starbucks can hold $80 by Friday afternoon!

4/19/22 – Looking to get out of Intel quick, I sold a $47 call when the price was around $46.90, and it just exploded up to over $48 shortly afterwards. I wanted to at least get their next dividend (36.50, plus a little more for taxes). At least there will be no capital gains tax to pay on the shares that had been assigned to me at $47 last week.

4/16/22 – The Realty Income (O) and Intel (INTC) options both expired in the money and were called away and assigned accordingly. I will sell a cash secured put on Realty Income to hopefully get those back before the ex dividend date at the end of April and I’ll sell a covered call on Intel greater than the next dividend payment.

4/12/2022 – Another weekly Intel put as I see a lot of indecision around the $47.00 price range. I would be happy being “stuck” with 100 INTC at $47, should it fall much further. If assigned, I will be selling a covered call next week.

4/10/22 – I may have gotten too cute with Realty Income trying to get the current dividend on 100 shares, but looking at the chart, there is decent resistance around $72.00, so we’ll see what happens!

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