2022 Options Income

This is a running tally of all the options contracts trades for the full year of 2022 – updated weekly.

DatePortfolioTickerCompanyContractPriceEnd ResultFinal Amount Earned
1/18/2022RothULUnilever8/19/2022 50.00 C-$171.00Sold on 1/24/2022 for $429.35$258.70
2/16/2022BridgeMOAltria03/04/2022 52.00 C$27.00Expired & Shares Called Away$26.35
3/11/2022RothNIONIO3/11/2022 28.00 C$106.00Bought Back on 3/3/2022 for $4.00$101.35
3/18/2022SDIRAORealty Income03/18/2022 70.00 C$110.00Expired Worthless$109.35
3/22/2022RothNIONIO03/25/2022 24.00 C$32.00Expired Worthless$31.35
3/25/2022BridgeMOAltria03/25/2022 50.00 P$126.00Expired Worthless$125.35
3/29/2022RothNIONIO04/01/2022 23.00 C$25.00Expired Worthless$24.35
4/6/2022SDIRAORealty Income04/14/2022 72.50 C$25.00Expired & Shares Called Away$24.35
4/7/2022BridgeINTCIntel04/08/2022 47.00 P$22.00Expired Worthless$21.35
4/11/2022BridgeINTCIntel04/14/2022 47.00 P$60.00Expired & Shares Assigned$59.35
4/19/2022BridgeINTCIntel04/22/2022 $47.00 C$53.00Expired Worthless$52.35
4/20/2022SDIRASBUXStarbucks04/22/2022 $80.00 P$62.00Expired & Shares Assigned$61.35
$82.00 C
$50.00Expired Worthless$49.35
5/16/2022BridgePEPPepsiCo05/22/2022 180.00 C$40.00

4/10/22 – I may have gotten too cute with Realty Income trying to get the current dividend on 100 shares, but looking at the chart, there is decent resistance around $72.00, so we’ll see what happens!

4/12/2022 – Another weekly Intel put as I see a lot of indecision around the $47.00 price range. I would be happy being “stuck” with 100 INTC at $47, should it fall much further. If assigned, I will be selling a covered call next week.

4/16/22 – The Realty Income (O) and Intel (INTC) options both expired in the money and were called away and assigned accordingly. I will sell a cash secured put on Realty Income to hopefully get those back before the ex dividend date at the end of April and I’ll sell a covered call on Intel greater than the next dividend payment.

4/19/22 – Looking to get out of Intel quick, I sold a $47 call when the price was around $46.90, and it just exploded up to over $48 shortly afterwards. I wanted to at least get their next dividend (36.50, plus a little more for taxes). At least there will be no capital gains tax to pay on the shares that had been assigned to me at $47 last week.

4/20/22 – The closest Realty Income put I could write to get my cash back is about 30 days away. So, I wrote a PUT option for a company I’d be ok getting “stuck” with at $80 – Starbucks (SBUX). We’ll see Starbucks can hold $80 by Friday afternoon!

4/24/22 – The market was hit hard on Friday 4/22, so I was able to hang onto the Intel shares, but was assigned the Starbucks shares at $77.92. I now intend to sell covered calls on those Intel & Starbucks shares when we see a green day.

5/9/22 – The stock market continues to slide, which is fantastic for long minded investors buying solid businesses and especially dividend investors. The only downside in a falling market is selling covered calls as the premiums dry up. This is why I love solid dividend stocks – I’ll be paid to wait until the market finds a floor and starts to come up once again.

5/16/2022 – My first covered call on PepsiCo, and I’m being “kind of” conservative here. The All Time High (ATH) is $176.30, so I’m betting that we won’t see that broken and push through $180 by Friday (5/20). $40 isn’t world beating, but my plan is to shoot for $20 to $50 a week in option income from PepsiCo.


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