AT&T Adds Subscribers, I Added More AT&T!

AT&T (T) just reported that they have added 1.3 million total postpaid net additions in the fourth quarter, including about 880,000 postpaid phone net additions – the highest total in more than a decade.

They also added about 270,000 fiber subscribers in the fourth quarter and ended the period with about 73.8 million total HBO Max and HBO subscribers globally. This beat their full year expectations of 70 million – 73 million.

AT&T will be spinning off WarnerMedia after the merger with Discovery sometime in early to mid 2022, and I’m excited!

I think this unlocks value for both AT&T and WarnerDiscovery – allowing T to focus on being a pure telecom and WarnerDiscovery to focus on competing with and maybe one day catching Netflix.

Investors had been treating AT&T as if they were headed towards bankruptcy, but they still are bringing in over $25 billion in annual free cash flow!

I covered a few of the reasons I like AT&T in 2022 in a BLOG post, and why I was buying more T & VZ in a YOUTUBE video. One of which I think is tax loss selling pushed this down to absurdly low levels.

Now that 2022 is here and there’s positive subscriber numbers to report, we added a few more shares of AT&T at $26.25 to the ROTH portfolio to celebrate.

I will keep on adding to AT&T throughout the year. How about you?

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