Weekly Dividend Roundup 9/25/20

9/21 – 9/25/20

I went on a bit of a shopping spree since the market was down and we saw more volatility.

There were no dividends received this week in either portfolio.

As of this writing, the dividend tracker spreadsheet is down, but the current shares held and average price is still updated. I will be working to fix this, in the coming week.

Here’s a brief summary of what I bought this week-

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – Shares dropped to the $142’s and I didn’t take advantage, but got them at $144. Not much to say here that hasn’t been said already, but Johnson and Johnson is one of the top dividend growth companies for a reason. 35% free cash flow ratio and a very healthy 22.6% net margin.

Metlife (MET) – Continued to add for a second week in a row, and two tranches on separate days at $37 & $35. The insurance companies are within the financial sector and being brought down with it. I believe that the insurance companies will not have the same headwinds and therefore are attractively valued to me and a great long term buying opportunity.

AT&T (T) – Shares of AT&T briefly fell to the $27s and I bought on the way down in the $28s. Those shares have a starting yield of a robust 7.35%, with a FCF ratio of only 24%. I have a sizeable portion of T, and view it as a savings account proxy at this point.

Kimberly-Clark (KMB) – Two separate tranches as I continue to build position of this dividend stalwart. A starting yield of almost 3% is great and a FCF ratio of 45%, they provide the products that everyone needs.

PepsiCo (PEP) – Another week, another share on my way to 100 so I can begin writing covered calls for extra income. This was share #15, so there’s a ways to go!

Cisco Systems (CSCO) – Shares continue to fall, and I continue to nibble away. I firmly believe that Cisco’s hardware will continue to be needed as the cyber society continues to move forward. I love their net margin of 22% and a 43% FCF ratio means the dividend is safe, in my opinion.

IBM (IBM) – Much like Cisco, they are undervalued, in my opinion, but even stronger of a company. Over 5.50% starting yield paying $6.52/year and a FCF ratio of 33%. I love what they’re doing with quantum computing as well.

AbbVie (ABBV) – Another healthy yield, and I bought this because I had just enough left over to afford it. I’ve been buying more AbbVie as the price continues to fall, with a starting yield of 5.47% on this tranche! Questions surround the forthcoming Humira patent expiration, but I really like their acquisition of Allergan.

Realty Income (O) – I bought these in my tax advantaged account for their outstanding monthly income that continues to grow. One of the best of the best, monthly payments are able to compound faster and I got these at a 4.56% starting yield.

Federal Realty Trust (FRT) – Much like Simon Property Group, they maintain high quality shopping centers, and as inferior shopping centers close, this will only benefit FRT. The starting yield on these shares is beautiful 5.61%.

ExxonMobil (XOM) – How the mighty have fallen and ExxonMobil is no exception, as investors continue to dump on XOM. But, this is still a massive company that has the wherewithal withstand these headwinds, especially if oil can remain over $40 a barrel. Oil and Natural Gas feedstocks are use in the production of thousands of products, and XOM is fully integrated. I think this is a great long term buy and hold, with the starting yield on these a ridiculous 10.15%!

General Dynamics (GD) – I don’t know, but I love owning a company that manufactures submarines and airplanes. Submarines! They are a global company and have contracts with domestic and foreign governments to help sustain their growth. A 3.22% starting yield and the have a respectable 54% payout ratio.

3M (MMM) – Much like JNJ, MMM is as blue chippy as they come in the dividend growth community. I grabbed one lonely share at $160.00, with a starting yield of 3.68%. They have a staunch 16% net margin and only a 31% payout ratio.

And as always, listen to the podcast every Tuesday and Friday. Thanks!

Taxable Portfolio

Dividends Received

TickerNameDividends Received

Buys Of The Week

TickerNameSharesShare PriceYield%Added Annual Income
KMBKimberly Clark1$146.422.92%$4.28
KMBKimberly Clark1$145.002.95%$4.28
JNJJohnson & Johnson1$144.622.79%$4.04

Income Breakdown


SDIRA Portfolio

Dividends Received

TickerNameDividends received

Buys Of The Week

TickerNameSharesShare PriceYield%Added Annual Income
ORealty Income10$60.505.61%$27.60
FRTFederal Realty Trust2$74.805.61%$8.40
GDGeneral Dynamics2$136.503.22%$8.80

Income Breakdown

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