Dividend Portfolio Spreadsheet

Click the image above for the dividend portfolio tracker spreadsheet or find it HERE.

There is also a YouTube video instructional you can find here.

This is my creation to track your dividends, that will update automatically. I am using this to track the dividend growth portfolio we chat about on the dapper dividends podcast.

All the data outside of the gray boxes is scraped from and this is what you will need to fill in, in order to populate the fields to the left.

You will need to highlight the last filled in row and drag it down. It will populate with the last rows data until you change it, then data will be scraped from for the proper fields & your entered prices.

Please feel free to make a copy and contact me on Twitter @Rustyram78

Portfolio Pie Chart

The pie chart will automatically populate and display your portfolio percentage. Typically I do not want any more than 20% in any sector, but I have a covered call strategy for additional income that will overweight certain sectors.

Dividends received tracker

The dividends received tracker will need to be filled in as well whenever you receive your dividends.

Please leave a comment, contact me on Twitter and thanks for stopping by!

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