Recent Pelosi Stock Bets Bullish On 2022?

390 call options bought at the tail end of 2021 would suggest that yes, Nancy Pelosi is bullish on 2022.

If you haven’t been to, this is where we, the public, the unprivileged plebes, can view what stocks and crypto congress are buying.

When we look at Nancy Pelosi’s page, we find at the end of December 2021, the Pelosi’s made 7 stock trades and one non public equity investment.

If you’d like to view the House Transaction Report, CLICK HERE.

Otherwise, here’s the quick and dirty-


(10) Alphabet (GOOG) calls, $2,000 strike, 9/16/2022 expiration


(100) Micron (MU) calls, $50 strike, 9/6/2022 expiration


(100) Roblox (RBLX) calls, $100 strike, 1/20/2023 expiration


(100) Salesforce (CRM) calls, $210 strike, 1/20/2023 expiration


(30) Salesforce (CRM) calls, $210 strike, 1/20/2023 expiration


(50) Disney (DIS) calls, $130 strike, 9/16/2022 expiration


$50,001 – $100,000 investment in REOF XX LLC, Non-Public equity asset backed securities. The description is as follows – “Additional investment in LLC which acquired five Courtyard by Marriott hotels located in Fairfax, VA (one), suburban Baltimore, MD (two) and San Antonio, TX (two).

This is the Pelosi’s 5th investment into this San Francisco based LLC since 2019, which looks to be for income generated by the properties.

Inflation usually is not favorable for growth and tech stocks, so this is interesting that the Pelosi’s are making a bet on tech into 2023.

All of these call options except for Roblox (RBLX) were bought deep in the money.

An option contract represents 100 underlying shares and gives the buyer the option to buy those 100 shares by a set date. The option can make or lose money based on the change in stock price.

Do the Pelosi’s know something that we don’t? Will inflation only be transitory and not permanent and high?

If you’re Jerome Powell, he’d disagree with the Pelosi’s stock actions.

Will the market stay hot, or will inflation crush growth and tech?

Time will tell.

Cheers and never stop investing in yourself!

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