Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning – 11/20/20

11-21-20 Random Thoughts


Avoid using photo filters until mirrors exist with that technology.

Beauty is falsely external, as many beautiful people are unfulfilled and lonely. They are constantly worried about their external appearance, and forget to look at their internal appearance. They do say that beauty is only skin deep and in the eye of the beholder. Which is why it’s silly that all these people use the photo filters to look “beautiful”. It’s superficial and they simply do not look like that.


Makeup has been around since ancient Egypt, and one has to ask if people wear it for themselves, or to meet a preconceived notion of what beauty is. It’s a charade to fool not only other people, but yourself. Sadly, many people believe the false facade they apply is how they are actually supposed to look.


It’s because of this that anxiety and depression are increasing amongst youth. At least, that’s the way I see it and I feel for these young people trying to live up to something they cannot be. And the worst part? They are victims of their own unattainable creations, self imposing an unrealistic and unachievable outward perception of themselves. Human beings simply do not look like this – no pores, flawless skin, gigantic eyes. These are the features of a cartoon or a mannequin in a department store.


Eventually, you will be as you are in front of the mirror with your significant other – filterless, makeupless, completely and utterly, you. It isn’t easy in today’s world where we are constantly bombarded with images, and future casts of the luxurious and lavish lifestyles of the rich and the famous. But, you must know that it is a waste of a life to not be who you are and follow what you love and believe in.


Obviously up to a point. I’m not advocating that if you are a lover of raping and pillaging you should do that. No, I believe in not hurting people and not taking their stuff without their permission or consent. Yes, there are circumstances where this is not applicable, such as a child needing a procedure to save their life or improve their standard of living. I’m talking about forcefully separating someone from their possessions that they rightfully earned, without their consent.


Funny, I have said there are two places designed to specifically and intentionally separate your money from your wallet the minute you walk in – Casinos and Gentlemen’s Clubs. Both have something built in that businesses and individuals of all sizes use – the ascension ladder.


Essentially, someone becomes aware of you in the first phase, and you give them the option to either leave, or head to phase two, which is to buy your product or service. Here they can buy and stop, or you can present them the option to become even more exclusive, and ascend to another level. Casino’s have high roller rooms and buffets or shows, gentlemens clubs have private dance and champagne rooms, and even concert venues have VIP upgrades.


The entire impetus is to give one the option to ascend to exclusivity, to separate yourself from the herd. Imagine you’re in a hotel conference room with 500 people that you paid $10 to get into. We’ll call it a widget mastermind group. $10 and you’re in, but you notice a separate room that people are going into. “What’s in that room?” you may ask. That’s the widget mastermind group, only 100 people allowed for an additional $25. It gives the feeling of being superior to everyone in room #1, because only a select few can enter room #2 and get a special lanyard to wear.


But then, you see people headed off into yet another room, and this is for the widget conception and implementation mastermind group, but is limited to 50 people and costs another $100.


Even more exclusive, and less people are in room #3, where you receive access to information not privy to those in rooms #1 and #2, and you get a cool lapel pin to wear.


And lastly, you can see where this is going, there’s a room #4. For an extra $1,000 you can join 6 other people and have lunch with a top widget mind and mentor. Something like this, I know this is the slough idea, but I’m just throwing something out here and it’s my random thoughts anyways.


The point is that when you see different levels of a product or service, those are ascension ladders or levels and you would be crazy not to offer them to those who are willing to pay more to be allowed access to something others are not. People want to feel exclusive and important and will pay for that experience.


If you know, you know, and if you didn’t, now you do. Wherever you see an upgrade, whether it’s to a first class seat, a pass to cut the line to Disney or access to the high roller or champagne rooms, those are all forms of ascension ladders.


Rough segway here, but, as I’m writing this I look at the news and the world is apparently on fire. The perceived uncertainty of the United States election, covid cases going through the roof, lockdowns looming, restrictions being placed on Thanksgiving, and I see calm outside my window.


Jim Morrisson had a famous quote that “The future is uncertain and the end is always near.”


This is extremely apropos as I think humanity is hard wired to expect the worst at all times and that the end is always near. Can we blame ourselves?


For most people, the end really was always near. If a small cut became infected, or a compound fracture was sustained, all easily remedied today, the end likely was near. Today’s world is incredibly safer than ever before. Lifespans are always increasing, many of the worlds “poor” have access to food, clean water, medicine and WiFi.


Kings and Queens of old did not have access to many of the amenities that the poorest among us have access to right now. Yet, many people are sad and depressed and think their lives are terrible. Perhaps, this is just part of the human condition. To be constantly upset and think things are terrible and calamity is just around the corner. And if it’s not? Then we’ll make things hard on ourselves and self impose drama and tragedy, even if we need a microscope to view it.


I would implore you to focus on what you can control and try to be optimistic about life and the world. Just think about how good everyone has it and what you are able to do that the mightiest and wealthiest ruler in the world couldn’t do just 200 years prior. No electricity, HVAC, refrigeration, climate controlled travel, speaking to someone across the world instantaneously, being entertained by the world’s greatest performers right from the comfort of your very own castle.


The world is good. The world is going to be ok. You are going to be ok if you seek to constantly acquire new knowledge and improve yourself. It really is as easy as looking for someone who is successful and is already where you want to be.


Study them, learn from them and do what they did. Remember that they are not better than you, they have just figured out how to be successful before you have.


All will be well. I believe in you because I know you are capable of improvement.


I’ll leave you with the Jordan Peterson quote – ”Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday, Not To Who Someone Else Is Today.”


And stay away from the image filters!

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