2022 Options Income

This is a running tally of all the options contracts trades for the full year of 2022 – updated weekly. Date Portfolio Ticker Company Contract Price End Result Final Amount Earned 1/18/2022 Roth UL Unilever 8/19/2022 50.00 C -$171.00 Sold on 1/24/2022 for $429.35 $258.70 2/16/2022 Bridge MO Altria 03/04/2022 52.00 C $27.00 Shares Assigned […]

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Recent Pelosi Stock Bets Bullish On 2022?

390 call options bought at the tail end of 2021 would suggest that yes, Nancy Pelosi is bullish on 2022. If you haven’t been to Capitoltrades.com, this is where we, the public, the unprivileged plebes, can view what stocks and crypto congress are buying. When we look at Nancy Pelosi’s page, we find at the […]

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