Three Thoughts On The Week That Was…

#1 Russia invaded Ukraine and that sent the stock market crashing before it hit the brakes, reversed and shot up as if nothing happened.


This is why I love being a buy and hold dividend investor – it’s REALLY hard to time the market.

Buying strong companies, maybe adding a bit more when they’re down, holding and collecting and reinvesting dividends if they pay one. 

This is the recipe for me to sleep well at night.

I’m unsure what the market will do next week or next month, but I know that great businesses will be great businesses over the course of many years.

#2 I can envision a pathway to Chinese stocks being delisted on US exchanges.

China has expressed support for Russia and continues to do business with it’s Southern neighbor.

Russia, with the help of China, seems to be insulating itself from dependence on the West, and I could see this alliance growing stronger.

If, things escalate, and that’s a big if, it’s not out of the question that the United States threatens to delist all Chinese companies in something akin to an “equity cold war”.

It’s probably unlikely, and something to think about if you hold Chinese stocks, but a thought I had nevertheless.

#3 Without looking, how many Roman emperors can you name?

I got 4 – Augustus, Nero, Epictetus, and Caligula.

According to, there were about 70 Roman emperors, and I could only name 4 off the top of my head.

At the time of each emperors reign, they were most likely the most powerful person on the face of the earth – and most have been forgotten by the world.

Each of us struggle with our own mortality, but I am slowly realizing that I will most likely be totally and completely forgotten by the world.

In a few hundred years, it will be as if I never existed at all.

This thought should be empowering, because, if the world will most likely forget us, we should be maximizing our lives right now, today.

Stop worrying what people will think about you for being yourself and start doing more of what makes you happy.

What are you passionate about?

Start there. Do more of that, whatever it is.

Cheers and never stop investing in yourself!

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