Top 5 Travel Toys Under $15


Travel toys are a must for parents on the go, so we have for you the top 5, plus a super cool bonus!

Finding ways to keep your kids entertained while on a trip (or even at home for that matter) without electronics can seem daunting. The pressure to give in to the ease of turning on the devices and saying “OK” is a likely everyday occurrence. But what if I were to tell you that there are some games that kids will actually like to play? What if I were to tell you that there is an alternative to the ominous sighs when there is no WiFi or internet connection? Well, look no further! We have assembled a quick list here. These are kid tested and inexpensive. Give them a spin!

1. Mattel Games UNO Flip! Age:7+

First on our list is UNO Flip.

Our kids love this game! It is the classic UNO, but with a twist….or should I say a Flip! It is good for younger kids, older kids and even Mom likes this one. It is fairly new and involves a different type of thinking than the Classic. There is a “Light Side” to the deck, which plays like classic UNO, and a “Dark Side” where penalties are tougher. It comes in a sturdy tin that’s great for storage and travel. You’ll definitely want to buy this game !

2. Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere Tic-Tac-Toe Age 4+

Are you tired of games or travel toys with missing pieces? We have been there. Everyone is excited to play a game, but when you open it up, parts are missing. Well, this travel game has a solution for you! Magnets! That’s right. Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere Tic-Tac-Toe has magnetic pieces AND it comes in a metal case. Even if you drop a piece, chances are you are near the game and it will stick. If you are in the car, or airplane and hit a bump, all the pieces stay in place! It is wonderful.

The magnetic Tic-Tac-Toe is more than just one game. It includes a second game which utilizes separate dot magnets. It is like buying one game and getting another for free.

3. Ideal Magnetic Go! Ludo Travel Game Age: 5+

We love travel toys that utilize magnets, which brings us to Ludo. This game is super cool with the fold-able game board and flat pieces that have different faces and corresponding colors. Ludo is a board game similar to Sorry. The first person to get their color around the board, wins! It has a slim design so it can be put into any bag or backpack. It opens to a small, but not too small, game board for use on tray tables, laps or the seat between children. The magnetic feature is great for bumps and slips. Great for everyday or on the go!

4. Avocado Smash Age: 6+

Smash! Who loves avocados? Both kids and adults love avocados, smashing and guacamole. Avocado Smash is a card game that comes in a durable avocado shaped plastic case to keep your cards safe during travel. The idea is simple and fun. On your turn, say the next number in sequence (i.e. 1, 2, 3, ….) if the number you voice matches your card, everyone smashes the pile. The last one to ‘Smash‘ picks up the discards and adds them to their hand. But watch out! If a ‘Guacamole’ card is played, do NOT smash it! Smashed guacamole would be a mess.

5. Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere – Hangman Age: 5+

Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere Hangman comes in a travel tin with magnetic letters. There are multiples of letters so the options are endless. My kids love that you can put actual magnets down for the body. Made by the same company as ‘Tic-Tac-Toe‘, it has a small size metal case and travel well on trips or to everyday car rides. Younger and older children (and this mom) line up to play Hangman next!

**Bonus Travel Must**

Boogie Board Blackboard

My kids do not go anywhere without their Boogie Boards. This is over the $15 limit, but will be loads of fun for everyone. I even bought one for a 21 year old cousin’s birthday.

Boogie boards are paperless notepads and therefore, not technically electric. There is a small disc battery that goes in the top, and the battery life is amazing. It will last months, depending on the use. There is no charging! You can write on anything and erase in one click. It is transparent for tracing. Young kids can learn to write. All kids can draw and play. Adults can keep notes. Hours of fun for all ages and one of the best travel toys we’ve bought!


Make sure to buy a case for your board. The Boogie Board Folio Cover will preserve your purchase from harm. If you have kids, you know that bumps and slips are an everyday thing.

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