Weekly Dividend Roundup 8/28/20

8/24 – 8/28/2020

Welcome to the weekly dividend roundup and a week that saw the market hitting all time highs, AGAIN! As a dividend growth investor I’m primarily buying for PASSIVE INCOME over capital appreciation (which is great and all).

So what did I buy this week?

FYI- There were NO dividends received for either account this week.

IBM (IBM) – Average analyst target – $135.19. I’m thrilled to see them making advances in the realms of quantum computing and block chain to stay innovative and keep those cash flows coming in to support a healthy dividend that’s $6.52/share and only 32% of cash flow.

Duke Energy (DUK) – Average analyst price target – $92.43. I confidently keep on adding to Duke Energy that has about 1.5 Million customers in the Carolinas, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana filling the coffers every month with their utility bills. $3.86/share with a very healthy and sustainable 31% of cash flow.

PepsiCo (PEP) – Average analyst price target – $146.86. I’m adding to this blue chip behemoth every Friday, buying 1 share and more if there’s a substantial pullback. As a forward looking dividend growth investor, I feel more confident in PepsiCo than I do Coca-Cola. Pepsi has and that ship direct to the consumer, boasting comfort foods as well as healthy options that Coca-Cola simply does not.

Honeywell Intl. (HON) – Average analyst price target – $166.60. IBM isn’t the only entity in the quantum computing game. Honeywell was the leader in quantum computing speed until IBM announced they matched their 64 quibits last week. Exciting times we get to watch and even participate in by owning the amazing companies!

Genuine Parts Company (GPC) – Average analyst price target –$92.71. Founded in 1928, manufacturing replacement auto & industrial parts and owned by 77% of institutions, I finally bought my first tranche. Over 60 years of dividend hikes, $3.16/share, 3.33% yield and 38% of cash flow, this is a solid dividend growth company. 56% of revenue came from the sale of auto parts, but 1/3 of revenue was from industrial machinery sales – VERY nice. This was a bit “overvalued”, but I’m buying for income and when the next correction inevitable occurs, I’ll have a reason to load up more!

I also sold an Altria (MO) 9/18/20 46.00 Covered Call for .20 ($20) within my SDIRA account. My average on those 100 shares is $39.45, not to mention I’ve already sold a $51 call on them, I’ll stand to gain $725, and I’ll ,ost likely load up 100 more and start the process all over again.

Check out the recapped portfolio activity below, and click on the underlined portfolio title to be taken to each spreadsheet.

And as always, listen to the podcast every Tuesday and Friday. Thanks!

Taxable Portfolio

Dividends Received

TickerNameDividends Received

Buys Of The Week

TickerNameSharesShare PriceYield%Added Annual Income
DUKDuke Energy2$79.524.85%$7.72

Income Breakdown


SDIRA Portfolio

Dividends Received

TickerNameDividends received

Buys Of The Week

TickerNameSharesShare PriceYield%Added Annual Income
GPCGenuine Parts5$94.953.37%$15.80

Income Breakdown

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